43 One of a Kind Hair Bandeau in Midnight Harvest Tones

43 one of a kind hair bandeau in midnight harvest tones 21

Wear your scarf with style by using it as a headband, bandana or head wrap, ponytail wrap, belt, bandeau, fancy halter top, one-shoulder top, skirt, shawl, and as an accessory to your bags or hats.

A scarf is a known accessory because of its versatility to fix and add style to any ordinary outfit to make it more fun, classy and elegant. It can be considered as a multipurpose cloth because it can be worn and tied in several ways.

Below are various ways of tying your scarf:


Replace the usual headband with a colorful scarf. Just fold the scarf lengthwise into a long strip of fabric. Wrap it on top of your head and tie the ends at the back of the nape.

Bandana or head wrap

You can always use your scarf to cover your head from sunlight or pollution whenever you’re traveling or staying outdoors for quite some time. Use your scarf as a bandana or head wrap. Just fold your scarf into a triangle. Wear it on your head and tie at the back of your nape. Or you just simply cover the whole scarf on your head. Cross its ends below your chin and secure them by tying the ends at the back of your head.

Ponytail wrap

Make it a fun and colorful hair accessory. Instead of the usual band, use it to secure your ponytail. If you want to add more style to it, knot it around your ponytail for a few times and spread it out.


It can also be a fun alternative to a belt. Its colors and soft material make pants or lower garments livelier. Just insert it through your belt loops or you simply wrap it around your waist, and your outfits complete.


Transform it into a bikini topper or bandeau. Just fold it twice until it looks like a long sash. Just wrap it around your torso into the front. Secure it by tying the ends into a big bow.

Fancy halter top

It can also make for a great halter-style top. Fold a big square scarf into a triangle. Tie a knot in the middle of the folded scarf. Place the knot at the base of your nape and circle the scarf’s end around your neck and secure it. This serves as the halter of the top. Finish it off by wrapping the triangle base just around your waist and tie it at your back.

One-shoulder top

This is great for poolside parties and the beach. You’ll just need a bigger one. Bring the ends of one corner of the scarf over one of your shoulders and tie it into a knot. Bring their other two ends together and secure them at either the back of your torso or at the side of your waist.


Make a fascinating skirt out of it by tying two scarves at each side of your hip. Use this over a bathing suit or sleeveless top on the beach or at the pool.


Embellish a simple gown or formal attire with it. Use a big scarf and fold it into a triangle. Drape the long part of the scarf over your shoulders. Take the ends to the center and you can either tie them into a knot or not. And there you have it, an instant shawl.


As it makes most outfits shine by adding colors to the necklines, scarves can also be used as an accessory for bags and hats. Just tie them around your bags’ handles. You can also add some style to your hat by wrapping a scarf around it.