29 DIY Valentine Wreath Ideas

29 diy valentine wreath ideas 27

Decorating for Valentine’s Day with truly unique wreath decorating

Desigining something special for your loved one(s) or for your home or office? We make it easy for you to create your own decor this 2014 season.

Valentine’s day is known for love. Cupid and candy are staple for this very special holiday but nothing says love more than a hand made gift. How do we make hand made wreaths?

First let’s discover how to choose your design. Where do you start?

Unique ideas for creating Valentine wreaths with love in mind

Will you be my Valentine? Nothing says I love you more than a well decorated, neat and organized home. Do you love to decorate? Do you love to research unique ideas for decorating so that your home can scream of your own unique personality? Do you currently craft? If not no fear. Our ideas are simple and easy.

Creating a homemade Valentine wreath

Wreaths come in all shapes, sizes and types. What kind of wreath would you like to create?


Step One

—Determine the reason for your Valentine wreath

Decorating is personal. What kind of wreath would you like to make this Valentines day? Will your wreath be used as decor or as a gift? What type of wreath, if used as a gift, will your special friend, family or loved one want to receive? What type of wreath would look good in your home or office or in the home or office of your loved one?

Have you considered the personality of the person you are making the wreath for or the purpose of the wreath? Where will your wreath be hung or who will it be given to? Determining the reason for your Valentine wreath is the first step in the process of our wreath making lesson.

Step Two

—Determine the type of wreath base you will use –

1. Grapevine

2. Foam core

3. Wire wreaths

There are as many ways to create a wreath as there is to decorate a home or office space.

Determine the type of wreath base you will use first. A simple hour at the craft store should prove exhilarating. Previous to any holiday wreath bases are sold in all types and are very affordable.

Step Three

—Let’s get started creating a personality filled, unique wreath for this 2014 Valentine season

The unique ideas we are offering can be used with any type of wreath base.

Truly Unique Ideas For Decorating Wreaths

Are you creative? Of course its easy for me to come up with unique and creative ideas for wreaths.

After all I’ve likely made hundreds. From cupcake wreaths displayed on a round platter to children’s baby shower wreaths with rattles and ribbon I’m a wreath lover that’s for sure.

Wreath Idea 1

—A shining wreath of jewels

As a child a wreath was an impressive gift I could afford to make. I remember making a rhinestone and pearl wreath once as a gift to myself. Because my personality was like a haberdashery I enjoyed vintage items filled with whimsey. I hotglued old pieces of mismatched jewelry onto a grapevine wreath that I made home made.

A jewelry wreath looks stunning and is a very special wreath indeed especially when accompanied with a real boxed gift of gold or gemstones. Why not collect old jewelry or purchase affordable costume jewels and fake strands of pearls to create a very personal and memorable wreath this 2014 season?

Wreath idea 2

—Photo wreaths – Valentine’s Day is the day that we honor those whom we admire and love.

Photo wreaths can be a personal way of sharing memories past and present.

a) Using a grapevine wreath base for your photo wreath

Either store bought or hand made, each wreath if made from vines is a uniquely organic material that persons of all ages and genders seem to appreciate.

You can leave the grapevine in it’s natural form or spray paint it with texture, glossy / shiney, or matte / dull spray paint of any color or combination of colors. A unique idea is to place childhood photos growing up into adulthood into the holes of the grapevines. This certainly adds an emotional touch that any loved one will appreciate. Make sure when selecting the photos that you grab photos that your loved one hasn’t seen for years.

Print them out either in color, black and white or a combination of both. Print them no larger than a 3 x 5 print so that you can easily roll it up into a tube. Once rolled you’ll attach a ribbon to tie it together. Place the rolled photo with ribbon into openings of your grapevine. On Valentines day you can take your wreath, select a photo to share with your loved one. Selecting photos one by one is a Valentines day party idea that is sure to be remembered for years to come.

b) Using foam wreath or other type of paper or tube wreath: This wreath will need covered.

Wrap your wreath with any type of material that suits your purpose. Cover it with simple ribbon wrapped around it. Foil, gift wrap, craft or other types of ribbon. You can cover a foam wreath with just about any material. Its super easy and fun.

Once the foam wreath is wrapped, glue on favorite photos of you and your loved one. You can print 4 (3×5) photos onto one sheet of 8 x 10 paper. Before you cut out the photos have the entire 8 x 10 sheet of 4 photos laminated so that the photos, when cut out, are solid and sturdy ready to be attached to your wreath.

Other materials:

1. Rubber cement

2. Hot glue

Using rubber cement to attach any type of decoration to your wreath allows for easy removal. Hot glueing is a permanent material and should be used as such especially if creating a wreath you will use next year or years thereafter.

Yes creating a Valentines wreath can turn into a ‘labor of love’, but this type of wreath is truly easy.

Photo wreaths are personal, easy and affordable. Imagine the moment you open each rolled photo?

Or, imagine viewing a wreath covered with laminated permanent photos from all sorts of past occasions? What a memorable unique wreath you will soon be creating if you choose to create a photo wreath.

Wreath Idea 2

—Chocolate or candy wreath – Candy is traditional for Valentines day right? Why not make a unique candy covered wreath this season?

Using either grapevine or foam wreath you can create a genuinely cool Valentine wreath by using chocolate or favorite candies. Using wrapped candy is important. If your candy is wrapped it can be easily attached to your wreath base without harming the goodies within the wrapping.

Being yet another sentimental holiday, especially a holiday of love calls for sweet wreaths with chocolates or candies these type of Valentine wreaths can be a very special gift or party decoration.

The ideas for wreaths are endless. I’ve made paper mache wreaths, wreaths made of all types of food including cake, sweet mashed potatoes, raisins, nuts, beans and lentils. Again, determine the purpose of your wreath first, the types of wreath base second and your design third. You’ll be able to create a stunning simple wreath in less than one hour if planned ahead of time. As with everything, without proper planning even the best ideas can go ary.

Wreaths can be decorated with:

Textured fabrics
Craft wrap (like the type you wrap Easter baskets) It comes in all types of designs and color.
Satin and silks
Pastel or shimmery colored papers or fabric
Plush yarns

There are craft patterns you can copy from the net, print out and use for any hobby, wreath making is no different. You can easily find many patterns for any hobby of your choice including wreaths and Valentine day graphics.


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